TIA are proud to contribute to the UK’s national defence

TIA was formed in October 2015 by the current Directors, a coming together of a broadly experienced team with vast knowledge, understanding and a great track record in the provision of specialist Defence and Government solutions having worked together previously in a US corporate technology company. This formation re-united a great set of skills, capabilities and personal reputations to form a business aimed at removing pains and delivering gains to Defence and Government Project Managers and Technical leads for Electro-mechanical systems and solutions.

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From the outset we have unswervingly invested a minimum of 25% of our profits into the business annually, with a focus on delivering on our promises whilst continuously improving our skills, capabilities and resource. We have maintained an enviable On-Time-In-Full delivery record and gained numerous important accreditations including ISO9001:2015, Cyber Essentials, NCSC approved TEMPEST vendor, NATO approved TEMPEST vendor and close support to major programs through our Defence Prime partners and UK Gov. We now feel that we have the profile, reputation and corporate know-how upon which to develop and grow the business in line with our values.

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our core values

Have respect and empathy for the Armed Forces in all we do and continually increase our contribution to the Armed Forces Covenant. To give every team member the opportunity to shine and to celebrate individual and team success. Actively aim to be a valuable friend to our customers and a fair partner to our suppliers. To strive for excellence and continuous improvement.

Meet the team

All of our team share a common vision, to use our combined knowledge and experience to deliver quality products

David Watson MBE

Managing Director

David completed 23 years’ service with the British Army, Royal Signals in 2006 having rapidly progressed through the ranks to commissioning and Unit command in 2000. Specialising in Signals Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism, David was made an MBE in 2002 and completed his service in 2006.

Since retiring from the Army, David has enjoyed success in management roles throughout the Defence Industry delivering significant growth and profit through team building, change management and measured process implementation.

David formed Total IA in 2015 with his current partners and fulfils the role of Managing Director. Focussing heavily on quality and keeping their promises, the business has been profitable and grown each year since formation.

He is an ageing but enthusiastic footballer, a fair-weather golfer and an occasional gym member. He enjoys reading and spending time with his family and is keen to contribute to the support and well-being of the local community in Gloucestershire.

Ian Humpherson

Technical Director

Ian is a very experienced engineer that has worked at all levels from Director to hands-on engineer (and continues to do so at every opportunity).

As our Technical Director at TIA he is in great demand for his specialist consultancy and management services for EMC, TEMPEST, CE to name a few, and all under the umbrella of UKAS ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

He is intimately familiar with all stages of the acquisition, design and through life processes having experience across the board as a contributor and manager.

He is the ‘go to’ guy for his key expertise gained from several years in the Defence/Government and commercial markets, specifically in the Electromagnetic Effects (EME/EMC) and TEMPEST sector with recognition by the UK National TEMPEST Authority (GCHQ). All aspects of the EMC and TEMPEST approval process undertaken from design and requirements specification to qualification management, including installations and the associated safety factors of RF RADHAZ. A full appreciation of project requirements to determine objectives: driving design for qualification to achieve integration and intra/inter system interoperability within the electromagnetic environment.

Another one that fills every waking minute, Ian is secretary of the AFCEA UK (West) chapter, play football weekly and somehow finds time to walk his dog and spend quality time with his family.


Dan Kelly


After studying Robotics at University, Dan has added to his knowledge and experience with over 15 years’ experience in Mechanical and Electronic complex system and product development.

Working almost exclusively in Defence and Government systems, Dan is widely respected for his vast knowledge and problem-solving skills, where is management of product development has seen him deliver game-changing capability through good leadership and rigorous project management.

Vastly experienced in designing to meet the most demanding military standards and planning and implementing associated testing, Dan is integral to the Total IA capability in all aspects of our product portfolio; delivering what the customer needs is at the heart of everything he does.

A dedicated part-time athlete, Dan is an outstanding cyclist and Triathlon competitor, and has entered his first full ‘Iron-man’ event in late 2021.

Richard Butler


After completing a degree in Product Design Richard has had over 17 years’ product development experience as both a Designer and Engineering Team Leader.

Having worked across many industries and a wide variety of products, Richard has spent the last ten years working on bespoke IT equipment for secure and military applications bringing all of that experience to bear. Engaging and focussed, Richard rapidly develops a rapport with our customers, getting to know them and the context of their requirement fully before producing designs which are beautiful, effective and often exceed customer expectations.

His designs are routinely tested and employed against the most rigorous standards, including Mil standards, Environmental, EMC and TEMPEST. In previous roles as an Engineering Manager Richard has delivered product development programmes from low value rapid turnaround solutions to high value Air worthy custom server enclosures.

Richard always drives quality design solutions which meet customer’s specifications, project timescales and budgets. With interests in football, snowboarding, cycling and a young family, Richard fills every minute and enjoys craft beer to boot!


Jack Evans

Project Engineer

After securing a 2.1 degree in robotics from the University of the West of England Jack immediately took up a position as a project engineer in Cheltenham.  His work during the following 10 years has given him broad and detailed experience covering Electrical & Electronic, Mechanical and Software Design in a broad spectrum of industries including Aviation, Automotive and latterly in Defence and Government sectors.

Jack joined Total IA in September 2021 as a Project Engineer.  Polite and unassuming, Jack really makes an impression when you start to talk technical.  His contribution to technical development has been outstanding from the moment he arrived, and he has evolved further showing his fantastic customer liaison skills and his constant drive to improve and deliver the best solution possible against all requirements.

In his spare time, Jack enjoys tinkering in his own home workshop as well as mountain biking (as long as the weather is nice!)


Agnieszka Matuszyk

Development Technician

Agnes has completed 24 years in Electronic Sales and Manufacturing, including several years in Government and Defence Industry. She is an experienced and driven production professional with expertise in Leadership and Management. Skilled in collaborating with all members of the organisation to achieve business objectives. Instrumental in streamlining and improving production processes and implementing new production methods and solutions.

She is an automotive and aerial photography enthusiast with a CAA Registered drone pilots license. Agnes loves travel, outdoor sports activities and is a long-term gym member.

A family is the biggest asset that she could ask for, hence it is important for her to spend time with loved ones. No matter how busy she is.

Looking for a change?

Here at Total IA, we are a small close-knit team that gives mutual support, values individual contributions and celebrates success. We work on really interesting customer requirements and products, and we continue to spend a significant proportion of our profits on internal research and development ideas and projects. Our purpose is to free Defence & Government of secure ICT worries and burdens and that is always at the top of our thoughts; to help soldiers and public servants by bringing innovative, added-value ideas to life. We are signatories to the Armed Forces Covenant and actively look to recruit ex-military personnel to complement our mixed team of experts.

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