More TIA deliveries to Pennant International

TIA have been working with Pennant International for a number of years designing, developing and manufacturing replica LRU’s for their fantastic range of training simulators and systems.  At every level, Pennant are professional, courteous and a pleasure to work with.

Most recently, TIA have manufactured authorised replica equipment for Pennant in support of major programs to deliver training equipment; the units were presented to Pennant by TIA MD Dave Watson.

Each of these units have been developed against detailed specifications ensuring that the replica LRU’s faithfully represented the genuine units in the training environment. These units were produced in low volume so the TIA design team utilised all of their electro-mechanical design expertise in conjunction with modern manufacturing techniques to ensure a high-quality replica was produced within an affordable budget. The external appearance of each unit was taken from the OEM units. Bespoke electronics were developed by TIA ensuring OEM functionality was accurately mimicked for the user and each unit seamlessly integrated in to the Pennant system. All units were assembled and tested by the TIA production team and customer FAT tests were conducted to ensure compliance to the original specification.

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