TEMPEST Mains Filter 20A

Achieves NATO SDIP-29 secure installation requirements.


Insertion loss: 60dB from 100kHz - 1GHz.


Robust Stainless Steel construction.


Four IEC outputs; current rating subject to total load (10A max per pair)


Not country specific


Designed to EN 60950-1


CE Compliant


Option for input cable connector terminatio and output connector types.


Designed and developed for one of our UK defence customers, this unit is a rugged 2U Video & Data Processing Unit.

Rack mounted ‘all in one’ solution for RoIP, video & server based systems. The unit has the added benefit of four BioDigitalPC cards and a single 1Tb 2.5inch SSD removable drive for additional storage.

The BioDigitalPC provides a combined fully interchangeable/removable processor and secure storage solution which, with its patented reader, allows users to adopt a modular approach to their tactical computing requirements without the need for significant hardware change.

Three of the BioDigitalPC cards are used for processing and running operating systems, while the fourth BioDigitalPC card is used for the best in class Cisco 5921 ESR router. If needed other software routers are also available.

Secure Mini PC

The Secure Mini PC has been designed as a concept demonstrator for Total IA. With a product roadmap which plans introduction of 'Docking station' and a fully integrated and accredited SDIP-27 Level A screen and keyboard.


This Lock-away Secure Computing Solution is small yet powerful with an Intel i5 and up to 16GB 1600MHz RAM. With room for both a M.2 SSD and 2.5" SATA drives storage won't be an issue.


Designed to meet UK (SDIP-27 Level A) and Canadian (CID009/15A Level I) TEMPEST standards while utilising USB 3.0 and DisplayPort through high quality Mini Rugged Connectors.

The design is simple yet sleek maximising desk space and performance, while minimising size and weight.

S920 Thin Client

The S920 is based on a Fujitsu Thin Client of the same name and provides an elegant yet secure IT solution designed to meet TEMPEST Level A.


The individually configurable FUJITSU FUTRO S920 has all the flexibility you need to optimize secure server-based computing and desktop virtualization. This simple, reliable yet powerful front-end device is easy to integrate and manage. It also offers expansion slots and unique connectivity options to maximize user convenience. Plus, its long lifecycle helps you minimize whole life costs.

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