Production Capabilities

At the Total IA headquarters our dedicated production area allows us to build & test various electro-mechanical products, from prototypes to production batches.

Our dedicated on-site production capability is co-located with our design team allowing build to prints, prototype builds and production of new designs to your specifications.

Established production and quality assurance processes, utilising lean thinking methodology and 'surge' capacity to support volume.

Using Specialist Tools and Equipment as required to get the jjob done to the highest standards.



Military & Aerospace Cable Assemblies

With our on-site engineering and production facility we offer design and assembly of cable assemblies tailored towards Military & Aerospace.


Whether one-off bespoke assemblies or production runs, TIA are committed to delivering a fast, flexible and reliable products to our customer's needs


  • Fast Turnaround


  • High Quality


  • Competitive Pricing


Pre-Qualification Testing

  • TEMPEST/EMC and rugged environment requirements


  • DEF STANs, Mil-Stds and CFTCS standards/methodology


  • Risk reduction for seamless testing and qualification


  • Planning, testing, supporting and managing qualification/verification programmes


  • Site Electromagnetic surveys and RF Safety (HSE) assurance


  • EMC Directive compliance

Support and Training

‘TIA aim to provide affordable support that will maximise the lifecycle and availability of the installed system and ancillaries to provide effective and efficient operations whilst keeping Whole Life Costs to a minimum’


  • Comprehensive Warranty


  • Bespoke support packages


  • Operator and Technical Training


  • System design, integration and commissioning


  • CE Marking and legislative compliance


  • Dedicated support contact

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