TEMPEST Level A Data Transfer Device

The TDTD1-A is a compact desktop TEMPEST Level A data transfer enclosure. It enables users to securely transfer data from multiple COTS storage devices via a TEMPEST USB 3.0 connection.

The bespoke aluminium enclosure offers an upper transfer bay housing three commercial USB 3.0 data transfer ports. The upper bay also offers an internal mains power socket to enable COTS devices to be powered without compromising TEMPEST performance. The upper bay is accessed via a large sealed door allowing easy hand access. The bespoke hinge design and chassis bump stops ensure the lid rests safely in the open position. The upper bay will house storage devices up to approximately 250 x 185 x 60mm, subject to device mains power requirements.

The enclosure also offers a Dell DVD +/- RW Optical Drive accessed through a sealed door on the front of the enclosure. All of the USB connections pass via a high-end USB 3.0 Hub to a TEMPEST compliant push-pull circular connector.

The TDTD1-A is compliant to UK CFTCS TEMPEST Level A.

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